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Home of Templar© and Patterns for Traditional Hand Applique and now
Beautiful Machine Embroidery designs, many digitized for whole cloth quilts!
Welcome to Heirloom Stitches!

Heirloom Stitches is the home of Templar, the original, heat resistant template material for the "Press Technique" and the original, heat-resistant, nylon Bias Press Bars, introduced in 1985. 

Our first publication, the hand applique design book Heirloom Appliqué, introduced Templar and our heat resistance bias bars.  Since then, we have published 6 more floral design books for traditional hand applique and expanded to include designs for machine embroidery.  

Heirloom Stitches - your home for hand appliqué and machine embroidery,  notions too!


 Heirloom Stitches is the home of Templar, the original, heat resistant template material for the "Press Technique" and the original, heat-resistant, nylon Bias Press Bars. 

Good Notions are an integral part of our craft.  We offer those that have served us well in our pursuit of fine art including tweezers, snips, and marking tools.

Machine Embroidery Designs

Our Machine Embroidery collections include Multi Colored Redwork, varied Fills, Appliqué and Appliqué with Mylar. Many Redwork designs were digitized with Whole Cloth Quilts in mind.

Currently your downloads will come with multiple formats:  .DST  .Hus,  .Jef,  .Pes,   .Vip.   .XXX   

  CDs are available for shipment - just contact us!

Traditional Hand Applique

Please review the quilting section for a full list of current publications.

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